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IT Professionals, important notice for 2022.

As our way of helping to fight back against the destruction of Covid-19 and to supporting UK’s IT professionals, we are providing our key membership service for free for the whole of 2022.

Membership includes free full directory listing, promotion in newsletters and with businesses we work with including corporates. You get to know us, we get to know you and we are sure you will renew the following year.

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We are also proud that we can also offer an additional bespoke service which includes access to an expert managed marketing service to set up a new direct B2C Sales Channel. View details below.

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IT Professionals Network

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Full Directory Listing

Add your products and services, contact details, logo, imagery and even brochures.
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Looking for something more? We also have premium listings on offer, where you will receive a 4 page profile complete with your contact information, detailed information regarding your services, brochures and even contact forms.

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Sell on your terms

HQIT Pros Hub is here to help you build and maintain relationships, as well as enable connections with potential new clients, private or business. We don’t impose any terms or get involved with the business between you and your clients. We do expect great service from you though!

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HQIT Pros Hub Membership

To ensure the best possible service for our members, we provide membership packages on a 12 monthly commitment basis, paid monthly per business. However, the whole of 2022 will be free.

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Please leave your details below and one of our Business Development Managers will contact you.

A New Direct B2C Sales Channel


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How HQIT Pros Hub Makes it work for you

Our mission

We have a mission to produce the best results for both our members and all the potential specifiers and clients that are introduced. Furthermore, we want everyone to also enjoy the benefits of building and maintaining good quality mutual and beneficial relationships.

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Great value

We strive to provide a solution which not only gives great value for money, but allows everyone to make the most of their membership in different ways.


In order to achieve these goals, we have to have a minimum level of commitment from our members, of a year at a time.

100% commitment with stars around